Olivia, Wherefore Art Thou?

Someone recently commented on one of my pinterest posts, wondering why, exactly, Olivia Palermo was famous? Socialite, *reality tv* star... ack, fame, in a post-post-modern context, maybe it's not meant to make sense! I absolutely adore olivia's style, regardless of how it manifested itself into the public eye. Sleek, classic, preppy, edgy on occasion, hip... I could go on.

Tbh, I can't really appreciate her Mango ads, the art direction seems to have taken her & tried to apply the *model* sticker, sharpening the image, almost dehumanising her feminine features. Hogan, on the other hand, now there's a winner ..

Olivia, as "Olivia" on The City

Olivia, by The Sartorialist

Olivia, the bf & the dog
- taxicab wallpaper created with this image
- olivia in The City
- olivia, by bike
- olivia, the bf, the dog

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