Supper Notes: Pasta Fresca - Fatta a Mano

This amazing venison-filled tortellini was only GBP6.00, from Waitrose, bargain! I knew I didn't want to pair it with a rich tomato sauce (as I so often do with pasta!), so after a 3-min boil, I drizzled with a good Spanish olive oil, a generous helping of black pepper, & then piled it with rocket.

Served with a celeriac remoulade, a bittersweet vegetable that I used to hate on family holidays in France, I have grown to love its unusual taste. The remoulade was made by peeling & grating the celeriac, seasoning, 4 tablespoons of mayo, & 2 tablespoons of Dijon mustard.

Plate & tumbler from Anthropologie, salt & pepper shakers, gifted from Seville.
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