Hey, Don't Call Me No Sarah Palin Just 'Cause I Love Me A Deer-Hunter Hat

Hat by Accessorize, Skirt from Topshop, blouse H&M, studded belt - Mango.

Totally obsessed with this hat. Last week, following a 7 hour flight to Washington Dulles & a 4 hour bus ride, ravenous, I got to Grand Central & decided the first thing I needed was a bagel: no question, this kid needed to eat. On the train to the suburbs, a girl approached me, asked, "where did you get your -? " All I had on my mind was the bagel - geez - I thought some New York native needed to ask a tourist like me where to get a good snack. Turns out, she was interested in the hat. My low-blood-sugared state of mind, I mistakenly said Topshop (since that's my go-to store I guess). Hey, I meant to say Accessorize.
True story, yeah.

{photos by me}

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