New Year's Resolutions

2011, I shall mostly be wearing higher heels.
{Less flippantly, I also aim to become a chartered accountant this summer. What are your new year's resolutions?}


Lola said...

I wish I could walk in heels!!

I'm now a follower of your blog :)
Check out mine if you have a chance!!


Lola said...

Hi Katie, I have so many of my friends on google so I've been bugging them to follow me! I've been wanting to start a blog forever, I really hope I stick at it, thanks for stopping by :)

p.s. yours looks great, I reckon you're the one who's going to be going far!!


Lu said...

nice! one of mine is working more heels into my wardrobe as well! hope all works out for you dear!

wolves and sparklers

Katie said...

good luck girls, time to start practising that walk!


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