Have Nothing in Your Homes That You Do Not Know to be Useful and Believe to Be Beautiful - William Morris.

perfume can be so irresistibly bottled! chance by chanel, l'air du temps by nina ricci.
stacked teacup saucers (graduation gift!), & pimenton from sevilla.
old journals, on an even older wharfedale speaker that used to belong to my grandfather.
cocktails at 6! sweet sherry in an anthropologie glass, coaster from morroco, & watermelon wedge tissue-box by kleenex.
{photos by me}


Emily Anne said...

love these photos,
so very pretty.
i love perfume bottles! i think half the time i buy a perfume based on the bottle rather than the scent haha :)

Katie said...

totally! i try & keep the boxes too (chanel ones are so classic), but there's only so many empty cardboxes i can keep around the house, haha!

katie x

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