Ole! Black Bean Enchilada for a Tuesday Supper

men only? ha!
This was adapted from a recipe I found in Delicious magazine.

Recipe Card:
wholewheat wrap
black beans - tinned are fine
hot sauce
low-fat mozzarella

- pre-heat oven, & fry some chopped onion, pepper & garlic in chilli oil
- line a baking tray with foil, lay out wrap(s)
- layer spinach, then black beans, & then salsa onto the wrap (i made a spicy salsa by chopping some tomatoes, adding tomato puree, seasoning, cumin, paprika, hot sauce, balsamic, & brown sugar, & then mashed it all up a bit with a fork)
- put a few dollops of greek yoghurt on top, & then most of the onion/garlic/pepper mix, followed by a few slices of mozzarella
- wrap it up. I keptit  in place by resting a knife over the wrap.
- pour any remaining salsa & onion/garlic/pepper mix over the top, plus extra cheese if desired.
- bake for 20 mins
- serve in the foil - easier to transfer to the plate, plus keeps all the sauces together. if used, remember to remove the piece of cutlery before serving!


{eaten over the wall street journal, weekend edition - feb 4 2011, has a great piece on taschen publishing}
{top photo by me; bottom via google images}


* said...

yum, looks so gooood!!!


Katie said...


katie x

Mimi said...

Yum! I could go for some of this right now....
Aesthetic Lounge

Katie said...

thanks mimi! look out for my next food post - baked lemon mini-cheesecakes, & bluberry w/ oreo-base mini cheesecakes! (food in miniature always looks cute!)

katie x

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