Gotta Love PriMarni!

t-shirt, skirt, tights - all from primark
sunglasses, $12 from a holiday to baltimore (by way of a mini-trauma involving what i thought was the loss of my chanel sunnies, only to pick up these babies which i now totally prefer - they're a little m-k olsen right?)
gold & pearl necklace - accessorize
black snakeskin stilletoes - hobbs
How adorable is this bicycle print?? I had to tidy up a loose thread when I got them home, but for an £8 skirt, who's fussy?! The Amazonian jungle otherwise known as Primark was totally worth it, I was hoarding things left, right & centre. Oo yeah, & the tights were only £2 a pair- it's time to shop, people. Shop, my lovelies!!

{photos by me}


calla said...

i love the bicycle print! how cuuuute!


featherfactor said...

Love the whimsical print of your skirt - the whole outfit is adorable :) Thanks for sharing.


Amber said...

Omg! those stocking and skirt are too cute!!

Amber's Notebook

Katie said...

thanks girls! can't wait until summer when we can wear skirts every day! :o)

katie x


cute skirt!!! lovely!

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Martini said...

Love the tights. So pretty.

Katie said...

thank you! i can't resist the tights, i'm going back tomorrow to get more pairs! they're only 2 pounds! BARGAIN!

katie x

Alex said...

oh my gooodness, that skirt is so freaking cute! I wish primark had an online shop!

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