Cake Days: Lavender & Orange-Blossom

This weekend I was excited to test out my first recipe from Cake Days, the recipe book from The Hummingbird Bakery, which you can purchase here. I'm quite the cupcake fetishist, & I imagine The Hummingbird Cafe is comparable to the infamous Magnolia Bakery of New York City.With the 1950s housewife coming out in me, anthropologie pinnie on, I tried my hand at the rose cupcakes. You might have noticed the absence of rose in the title of this post: mais oui! edible rose petals don't seem to be particularly easy to source! Instead, I fell for the sugared lavender in Waitrose, swapped it for 3 or 4 tablespoons of the sugar called for in the recipe, & dusted it over the icing. Orange-blossom essence replaced the rosewater, & cute blue gingham cupcake cases plus a little blue food colouring in the icing put the cherry on the cake. {So to speak}. 

Happy baking!

{all photos by me}



yum...those look amazing!! xo

Katie said...


Katie x

tinytearoom said...

I will never forget the wonderful cupcake I ate at Magnolia Bakery in Greenwich Village. It was gloriously sweet and I felt like a kid again. This flavour combo sounds amazing.

Katie said...

ohh Magnolia Bakery is on my must see/must do /must eat once in my lifetime list!

katie x

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