My Day in Food.

Like all modern fairy tales, sweet beginnings lead to even sweeter endings..
Intrigued by white chocolate? This Chocolat Mernier is superb & worth a bite (or two). I "accidently" broke off a few squares - the bar was originally purchased with thought to try out a new cookie recipe - & delighted in its creaminess, in place of the sticky sweetness that most white chocolate can only offer.

Following a decent, heart-thumping run in the morning sunshine, proper breakfast awaited..
Saturday afternoon, I roasted a chicken, the majority of which I will savour in cold salads & with crudites. For lunch in the park, I tore off some of the meat & mixed with some Spanish olives stuffed with almonds in chilli oil, boiled some green beans & broccoli in chicken bouillon & black pepper, tossed in pre-washed mixed leaves & some fresh avocado & roasted tomatoes. Dressed with sea salt, pepper, hot sauce & balsamic.

Preparing for dinner..

Bon appetit!

{all photos by me}


Dawson Sisters said...

Love the hot chicken salad! I will be trying this soon for a little NYC roof picnicking coming up :)

Katie said...

thanks! oo yeah & i forgot, there are obviously cherry tomatoes in there too!

NYC roof picknicking? SO jealous!!

katie x

Chelle said...

I do agree, chocolate does always taste best first thing in the morning! It's nice to find other people who appreciate the little things! Thanks for your comments, they mean so much. I love your blog!

Katie said...

Thanks Chelle! Happy blogging x

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