Of London

I felt particularly enamoured of London today; feelings of patriotism are fairly alien to me, although I suppose cynicism & self-deprecation are traits often considered peculiarly English in themselves. Yes, as to be expected, we are caught up with the weather, discussing it, reviewing it, cursing it, occasionally praising it. Fortunately, it has been the latter these past few weeks: warm temperatures & sunny days leading to cool, fresh nights, a lovely surprise this April. London itself has been gearing up for summer, increased flushes of tourism, & of course The Royal Wedding. Union Jacks & coloured bunting hang high over Regent Street. The South Bank is celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Festival of Britain, recreating sandy beaches, with beach huts, pebbles & ice-cream vans nesting beside the Thames. Red cranes reach up into the skies near Victoria, real estate expands, & the sun has come out. Here's to summer, martini's & gin & tonics, picnics on dusty red plaid blankets, grass inbetween your toes, & leaving the window open as we sleep.

{all photos by me}


Kim P. said...

awesome pictures :D
visit me:

Law Fashionista said...

I love London all year round but at the moment it is particularly gorgeous :)


Katie said...

yes, the sunshine really makes everything so pretty here!

katie x

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