Riz au Lait by Ramond Blanc

So it's probably a chef's heresy to adapt a Raymond Blanc recipe, but here goes..

I worked from this recipe, with a couple of changes more suited to my cooking style & quantities.
vanilla syrup: I used half the quantities of Blanc (as i did throughout the recipe), & used 1 vanilla pod, scraping the filling out by cutting lengthways & then running a sharp knife down the inside of the pod. Simmering the syrup, I kept the pod in to add flavour whilst it cooked & then cooled, but then removed it, &  didn't need to blend the mixture.
don't be alarmed by the ratio of liquid to rice: it will easily absorb!
the caramelised skin, waiting to be burst by a fork! I like to stir it in, although some people love it as a topping..
Blanc's addition of sifted icing (powdered) sugar to serve was delicious. Without the usual nutmeg, a classic rice pudding  addition, the flavour was subtle & creamy. For a stronger flavour, use 2 or even 3 vanilla pods for the syrup - don't substitute with vanilla flavouring though, this will taste too synthetic ~ a good vanilla flavour is inimitable!

dish by Le Creuset.

{all photos by me}


modern.girl said...

o my god that looks so cute!! and the le crueset dish is adorable!


Katie said...

thanks! sometimes i love cooking just for myself, rice pudding for breakfast in le creuset for one, decadent!

katie x

CC said...

That looks yummy! :)

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

so cute! x hivennn

Katie said...

thanks! leftovers for breakfast tomorrow :)

katie x

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