Sweet Dreams Are Made of This: Dairy-Free Flapjacks With Toasted Marshmallow

Sticky marshmallow & less-than-industrial strength nail polish do not make for harmonious bedfellows. Lesson learned.

You may be able to find non-dairy condensed milk in your local WholeFoods/super-trendy organic/pretentious aspirational food store, but I decided to dive in (not literally) & make my own. Whilst time-consuming, it was ultimately a successful venture, reaping a sweet, caramel sauce that could be used in many desserts (or indeed, drizzled over porridge, ice-cream, yoghurt, & cet. & cet..) You can of course substitute this for regular condensed milk: they taste almost identical.

Makes approx 16. Recipe based on one found here.

~ 1 litre soy milk
~ 1/2 cup sugar
~ pinch of salt
~ 5 cups rolled oats
~ 1/2 cup honey
~ 3 tbsp coconut oil
~ large bag of marshmallows

1. First, make the soy milk into condensed a good few hours before beginning the baking. Empty the soy milk, sugar, & a pinch of salt into a large pan. Place over a low heat for about 2 hours, checking regularly, & whisking every 20 mins or so. You will need to come & remove the skin that forms over the milk every now & then - this can also be achieved by a final sieve through at the end to remove any lumps that may have formed. 

The liquid should reduce by just over half in volume, thicken, & become the colour of caramel. There isn't an exact science required here, as long as it tastes sweet & fairly heavy, it will bind the flapjacks together well.
2. Mix the condensed milk with the oats, sugar, honey, coconut oil & another pinch of salt, & press into a medium-sized greaseproof-paper lined square tin. Bake in a moderately heated oven for 18 mins, until lightly golden on top.
3. Cut the marshmallows horizontally 3 times, so that you end up with oval strips. Layer over the flapjack, & return to the oven for another 5 mins.
4. Remove from oven & leave to cool on a cooling rack. Using the overhang of greaseproof paper, carefully lift from tray, set on a chopping board, & cut into squares. Make sure to clean the knife between each cut, as the marshmallow will be particularly gooey!
5. Convince yourself that these are almost healthy, eating one for breakfast & never looking back...

{all photos by me}


November Grey said...

This looks delicious!!

Katie said...

thank you! Yes, I would recommend giving it a go, it's pretty yummy!

Katie x

DaBlackSjp said...

Hummm <3


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