Life Lessons (through the sticky lens of Black Treacle)

So I tried to make a healthy alternative to ice-cream from a recipe that called for a simple base of frozen pureed bananas. Add flavour of choice. Black treacle & poppyseed? Sounded sort of fitting for a grown-up dessert. Maybe it was because I used a hand-held blender instead of a KitchenAid, or maybe it was just that frozen pureed bananas taste like frozen pureed bananas. When it comes to the crunch, desserts are meant to be naughty. Lessons learned.* Either way, I had fun taking this picture of sticky, seductive treacle!

*One thing I'll never learn: baked goods straight out of the oven will burn my tongue.

{photo by me}


B said...

Love this picture! and love that they still make some foods with beautiful packaging and treacle is so so good. Wish I had some!

B.Inspired said...

This is a cool picture, but I don't know what is treacle? The dessert however...sounds delish!

Katie said...

i know, the retro label packaging is pretty hip!

treacle is sort of like a bitter thick syrup, a bit like very gooey, dark honey. Treacle tart is one of the best desserts!

Katie x

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