Nardulli Gelato: Italian Dessert, Crafted With Love!

These are the pictures from our trip to see Hangover II. It being an Orange Wednesday, tickets were sold out well in advance: *sad face*. (Meh, apparently it's just like the first one, recycled jokes with a little more cultural stereotyping, see Sex & The City II for further reference..) So.. we ended up here, Nardulli Gelato, The Pavement, off Clapham Common. Italian ice-cream & coffee, brightly-lit neon design, 1950s decor, & a great choice of colours & flavours..
Cone or cup? I opted for the cone. (It might have been even better if they'd had chocolate-dipped cones, or sprinkles.. but perhaps that's more of an American aesthetic.) Nardulli's is classic European, with a good balance of modern understanding & advertising to appeal to a number of tastes...
How did I not notice they had After Eight flavour until seeing this photo?! Ceri had Nutella, which was good, although not quite as chocolatey or praline-based as we might have expected; a good swirl of the chocolate spread through the gelato would have put the cherry on the cake, so to speak. Craig had hazelnut, which I think we all concurred was the best choice, a lovely prominent nutty flavour pervaded the creaminess. Neena put together her own "mocha" inspired dessert, with a scoop of chocolate & a scoop of coffee. I'm not the greatest fan of chocolate ice-cream, although apparently this was one of the best; the coffee however was particularly good, with real coffee beans adding a crunch to the cream. Finally, I had rum & raisin, a classic combo: juicy fruits, delicately laced with rum. Perfect for a midweek treat. Next week, back to the popcorn & wine, as we try to score cinema seats..

{all photos by me}


Katherine said...

Wow, YUM! I love Rum Raisin too :)

fromblank said...

hey girl great blog. and that gelato looks awesome! we've got a pretty good place in sydney called Gelato messina you should check it out if you're ever down under.

ps. following you, stop by and follow my blog too if you like it.

Katie said...

thanks! & thanks for the recommendation, Gelato Messina sounds great, will defo check it out if i'm in sydney :)

Katie x

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