Rain Runner (Pink Socks & Silver Shadows)

I'm totally rocking the grey cotton lace-trim leggings with pink socks, right?

There was a lot of London rain this afternoon - as evidenced by the view from my bedroom window (yes, our garden is overgrown, but we are renters, & we live in London. Keen gardeners? It wasn't going to happen).

I'm a big fan of the Hi-Tech Silver Shadow running shoe. Inexpensive, certainly not flashy, & you can buy them from Amazon, what's not to love? Oh yeah, & the British Army use them in training exercises, so I reckon they're a bit of all right.

{all photos by me}


Laura Nelson said...

Im so glad you love my blog! Im following you now, cant wait to see photos from your US trip, that sounds like so much fun!

Katie said...

Thanks Laura!

Katie x

B.Inspired said...

You look so cute! OOoo you visited the US? Can't wait to see those photos and I can't wait to see which cities you visited!

Katie said...

Thanks! I'm visiting the US next summer 2012, since my sister is getting married in Vegas. I've only ever been to the east coast, so i'm going to take a little time off & explore some of the middle, & the west! Defo want to include Seattle & San Franciso on the itinerary :)

Katie x

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