Three-Two-One (& a half)

3 petit-fours at The Nightingale, London. The Nightingale has a New York sort of decor, with a French touch to the cuisine. These biscuits were buttery & delightful, with the softest touch of chocolate or apricot filling.

I walk a lot: I won't be separated from my Oxford brogues, they're invaluable. I'm killing with kindness the pair on the left (from Office); holes are appearing on the soles, but I'm afraid to take them to the cobbler for fear he will say they're too far gone. The brown/white pair are from Primark.

Frippery, frivolous, completely impractical, & I love it. I recently came to the revelation that so many of my bags are too roomy to be dainty enough for a little light dinner out, or an evening stroll. This one, from Topshop, combines the scallop cut - a pattern I also adore on clothes such as a blouse trim or a short cut-off - with a pretty lilac/grey shimmer of material. The ring by its side is also by Topshop.

{all photos by me}


B.Inspired said...

We're getting a topshop in chicago this fall! I can hardly wait...until then...I'll marvel at the fabulous finds my fellow bloggers feature!


Ellinor Forje said...

Yes, to the pastry and the shoes. Loafers, yummy. Thanks for sharing the photos and feel free to drop by me too, soon.

Bad Joan said...

Those shoes are super cute! Those pastry's look super yummy!


m i s s . t e a said...

me tooo, im too afraid to take one of my beloved pair of boots to the cobbler.. half the sole is flopping off :( LOVE your bag! perfect colour, perfect texture xx misstea & co.

Katie said...

thanks, yeah i love the bag! & the pastries were very good, & almost guilt free since they're so small ;)

katie x

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