Always A Skinny Jean Girl

necklace by Mikey
A little retail therapy post-exam? Why, okay then! This necklace was at 70% discount, & reminded me of a mix between something Chiara might wear (the skulls!) or Taylor might have chosen (J.Crew statement necklaces!) Before buying the jeans below, I toyed with the idea of trying on a white flare. Picked up the flares on the hanger, looked at them, looked back at me in the mirror, & decided no. No, not for me. Kendi can pull off a fantastic flared jean, as can the girls from Glee (did anyone else notice the whole 70s vibe going on towards the end of series 2?), but for us shorter girls (I'm 5 foot 2, as is the darling Christina Ricci), I think a flared leg can swallow us whole! So, always the skinny jean girl, I opted for a crisp white pair (my first whites! Ohh dear, I think this spells trouble.. Kristin recently warned me of this, although she manages to wear the white jean short to perfection) & a vibrant blue tone, with a belt I'm sure the Glitter Guide would be proud to show off.

To finish, a couple of other quick photos - one dedicated to Amy, wherever you are. & some burgers, because we all need a bit of food porn in our lives.
jeans, both from Zara, sweater from Mango, necklace by Mikey
Amy, if you're out there, some-one loves you ;)
mm, home-made burger x 2

{all photos by me}


Nini said...

Oh, the necklace is really great, a very good buy I'd say ;) xx Nini

B.Inspired said...

LOVE that necklace! And the new cobalt jeans are fabulous!

Alison said...

that necklace is soooo adorable, love the layers!

<3 Alison

Jen S. said...

what a pretty necklace!


Katie said...

thanks, i've needed a good necklace for a while, excited to wear it!

Katie x

Beatrice Balaj said...

I love the outfit you put together! The food looks so delicious!
Great blog! Now following! Hope you can also return the favor, if my blog inspires you as well :)



Kel said...

Love your bright blue pants.

I'm on the hunt myself for a pair just like these!

Lots of love from Sydney,

x Kel

totally seeing red

A Lost Feather said...

Those blue pants are exquisite! And I looove mango :) sweet necklace too!

Katie said...

thanks - oh & mango have a great sale on at the moment - the sweater was only 8pounds!

Katie x

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