Light + Stars

starry T by Zara//

{all photos by me}


m i s s . t e a said...

cute outfit! xx misstea & co.

B.Inspired said...

CUTE T-SHIRT! Perfect for my upcoming long weekend!

A Lost Feather said...

ooo i love that fisrt photo and the starry shirt is perfect for the feel of it :)

ahh i would loooove to be a runner like you.. the idea of running sounds great to me, but then when i go and do it i realize how terrible i am at it! i used to run on my hs track team, but i was a sprinter.. even when i was in the best shape of my liiiife i found it to be really difficult to run a mile. 200 meters was my race.. anything more than that and i was sad hehe

Katie said...

ah yes, i'm jealous of your July 4 weekend - the next bank holiday here isn't until august 31st..

Sarah - we're opposite ends of the spectrum - i am a pathetically slow runner, so i'm impressed with your sprinting history! Your recent hiking pictures look great though, amazing scenery:)

Katie x

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