Weighing Up The Options

Retro kitchen equipment is the cutest.

Picked these up on a half-price sale, only 12GBP!

Do you use ounces, cups or grams? I prefer to work with grams, I just like the accuracy & comfort of tradition. Since sourcing a lot of recipe ideas online, I've branched out to cup measurements, & I have to admit this makes things incredibly easy & uniform. I do love using grams for baking cakes though..

coming up: a recipe for a "healthy"(ish) alternative chocolate & apricot cake!

{all photos by me}


fashionismyh2o said...

Cannot wait till I have my own kitchen (hopefully very soon) to fill with beauties such as this! I love this piece here and it's definitely a bargain!

I must confess I've never cooked with cup measurements but I do hear it is quite easy I'll stick with grams too ha-ha :)

Lovely blog - following you now :)


A Lost Feather said...

what a fun piece to have in your kitchen :) i wish i was a good cook.. i'm awful. i can barely crack an egg!

audrey said...

what a cute little scale! i have a really ugly digital one. . . grams are definitely the way to go, though. so much more accurate.

The Pink Monocle said...

Cups... most recipes i come across use this form of measurement. The scale is so so cute! By the way, I think I'll be detouring to the closest H&M tomorrow to find one of those stripped shirts as it's perfection! I can so see why you stocked up! I always find it rather hard to find a perfect breton stripe.. Thank you for stopping by!!

The Pink Monocle

Katie said...

thanks for the compliments - yes, i have to admit i was initially attracted to it because it looked so cute! i use grams or cups about 50/50. On the look out for some pretty cup measures now, have my eye on some from Anthropologie..

Katie x

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