Quinoa, Rosemary & Blue Cheese Encrusted Chicken (Served With 2-Potato Mash)

Super easy, warming & a nicely balanced meal, what's not to love?

smother some chicken breasts in a plate of low-fat mayo, & then dunk in a shallow bowl filled with quinoa, seasoning, rosemary & crumbled blue cheese. Bake in a medium-heat oven for 20 mins.

i served the chicken with a 2 potato mash: 1 white & 1 sweet potato, boiled, mashed, seasoned, & with a touch of olive oil & dijon mustard. Plus some green french beans.



{all photos by me}


SAM said...

These photos are making my mouth water!


Anonymous said...

wow that looks super yummy!


Katie said...

thanks guys! having the same for dinner tonight, mm-mm!

Katie x

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