So Long As The Old Trees Still Bloom On Unter den Linden

Berlin in August: Sunshine (a touch of rain), apfelstrudel, relaxing by the Dom, eating french fries at the edge of an antiques market, strolling the Tiergarten, trying rollmops for the first time, almost trying some currywurst or frankfurter (but settling for veal saussage!), walking through museums & memorials, considering the huge history & its aftermath in today's present. 

& cakes for breakfast, always cakes ;)

{all photos by me}


Gigi said...

I love the pictures of the shoes!!! Man, I would love to try those on!!


Nessie said...

Photo love, outfit love, love love! Having a wee moment crushing on your Berlin post x

The Cat Hag said...

What a beautiful and gorgeous day you had sweetie, the photos are so awesome they make me wish I was there with you! :)

The Cat Hag

Katie said...

aw thank you, such sweet comments!

Katie x

Kristen said...

this post made me very jealous, extremely hungry, and want to be your best friend all at the same time. loving your blog! xx - kristen
mikie and kristen

Katie said...

thanks kristen! x

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