Paris {Angelina}

I had to devote a whole post to this magical place; it's the stuff that candied dreams & buttercream fairytales are made of. 

A sample of the pastries on offer:

- Olympe candied violet-incrusted macaroon biscuit, strawberry-raspberry sweet jelly, light violet mousse, fresh raspberries (below)
- Saint Honore puff pastry, caramel coated pate a choux, soft caramel, whipped bourbon vanilla cream
- Ginza Natsu Matcha green tea cake, strawberry mousse, fresh raspberries, pistachio ganache

...and the hot chocolate, seriously thick, seriously delicious, was to die for!

{all photos by me}


Katy said...

Ahh! Did you have hot chocolate (isn't that what it's known for)?! Looks so delicious!

just tututiny said...

Ahhh - everything looks so yummy and delicious. Drooling here. The photos are magnificent. Thanks for sharing.


Fabrizia Spinelli said...

So many delicious things, i can't resist!
Take a look at my blog, and if you like it follow me, I’ll be waiting for you!

Cosa mi metto???

JustPatience said...

These look so yummy. lovely photo diary.


A Lost Feather said...

ummmm i want to go there.. now. looks amazing!

Katie said...

yep, i had the hot chocolate! it was sooo good..

Katie x

aeryn296 said...

Great! Now I'm going to have to plan a trip to Paris! As if I didn't have anything better to do! So inconsiderate Katie! ;-) x

Katie said...

hehe - of course! eurostar to paris is so easy for us Londoners, it would be a crime not to go visit this place, at least once...

Katie x

Jess said...

Oh my they all look so divine and yummy!x

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