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//Tavi's Hallowe'en costume, photographed by Leigh Johnson. I'm dressing up as Wednesday Adams, what about you?

//This has been circulating facebook (ironically, of course), so I don't have the credit for the original designer - drop me a note if you know its origin..

{links included where known}


Sarah said...

Hm. That second photo really does make you stop to think, doesn't it?

A Lost Feather said...

hah yeah that is pretty crazy!

shoot halloween. i want to be luna lovegood from harry potter, but i need a blonde wig :/ and i don't really feel like buying one haha so. . we'll see!

The Cat Hag said...

I have actually never dressed up for Halloween, haha I have always been an old soul.

Can't wait to see pics of you as Wednesday! :)

The Cat Hag

HeyDahye said...

Great post, the pics are interesting!


Katie said...


oo yeah luna lovegood sounds like a fun idea! we brits don't seem to be quite as good as celebrating halloween as the US but we're getting there - i love a good holiday! (totally loved your pumpkins too, i'm now tempted to have a go at some carving!)

Katie x

Lola Benito said...

I love Tavi so so much! She is a true inspiration!

Halloween for me is going to be a succesful celebration of me convincing my boyfriend to dress as Andy Warhol so that I can dress as Edie Sedgwick!!

Thanks for stopping by lovey,




Katie said...

ohh i love your dress up idea lola!

Katie x

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