Back to Front

It was love at first sight, a great looping black bow on the back of a soft grey silk dress; I knew I'd be happy with however it looked from the front! Turns out, it had a pretty cool imitation of a Rothko painting. It's what i'll be wearing tomorrow for my dad's birthday party, along with this forever 21 necklace & earrings, plus Kurt Geiger shoes.

tip: earrings such as these rather heavy studs drooped rather unsightly when I got home & tried them on, so I just bent the soft metal spokes so that they sit horizontally. Don't of course try this with expensive jewellery: ask your jeweller!


{all photos by me}


Francesca Felix said...

those earings are coool! i want some like that

Beantown's Barbie said...

Gorgeous top!


Francesca said...

such a beautiful top!!

/ twitter: @opinionslave

Nicole said...

Lovely outfit!

Nicole said...

Lovely outfit!

Katie said...


Katie x

V said...

Beautiful top!! that back bow is adorable! I love those stud earrings !


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