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synergy: I went into topshop to buy make-up, & walked out with two cupcakes, how did that happen?!

lola's cupcakes are based in primrose hill, & they have an outlet in topshop (oxford circus). i'm not quite as greedy as it might seem, since i bought two minis rather than one full-sized. As you might have guessed from their appearance: red velvet, & banana. The bonus with the mini ones is that the icing is pretty much the same size as the cake beneath ;)

topshop have also got an excellent new makeup range in stores. i purchased a lipstick in infrared, it's a bold but pretty orange (seriously, i have been searching for a good orange for sooo long, particularly since revlon's orange flip isn't sold here in the UK). it's a really creamy texture & doesn't dry out easily, i would certainly recommend it..

lastly, speed brow by benefit. seriously devastated last week when i knocked over my bottle of shelaq (damn, that's 10 pounds down the drain!), only to discover it's been discontinued! silver lining: speed brow is specifically for brows, comes with an application brow brush, & is a good 40% or so cheaper than the other. good stuff.

{all photos by me}


Aline C. said...

omga yummm!! the cupcakes look SO delicious :D

nadja said...

omg looks so delicious!


Chelsea Lane said...

sounds like such a fun trip to topshop! the banana looks divine!


Cilla B said...

Wow those cupcakes look really yummy

sara l said...

those cupcakes look sooooo yummy !

Katie said...

ohh the cakes were SO good! yes, it was a pretty fab trip to topshop!

katie x

Kim-an said...

I've just discovered your blog, and I'm definitely hungry! ;)

Lovely pictures!


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