1. [fashion moment #236, within the sub-category of shoes].. these high-heels are the kind that make at least 2 strangers approach you instore & promise you that you have to buy them. they're that pretty. red satin, with peach ribbon-wrapped heel & bow. from ted baker.

2. so i've caught on with the whole kelly green phase this spring (following in the hallowed footsteps of Jean and Taylor), & purchased myself this lovely, pleated little number from primark. the belt came separately. together, they came to £15. Suh-weet!

3. new dress from dorothy perkins. old necklace from accessorize.

4. happy belated pancake day, via instagram! i had toasted walnuts, celery & mascarpone for starters, & then nutella with mascarpone for dessert. mascarpone x 2. what's not to love?

happy weekend, folks! Anyone up to anything exciting?!

{all photos by me}


Heaven said...

Oh! Amazing photos <3

I invite you to

Crystalin said...

Love all these purchases! those red satin heels are just stunning!

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