San Francisco - Holiday Snaps!

Corner of Beach & Fillmore
San Francisco Public Library
Louis Vuitton store windows
burger + fries
 pastel houses
warming hut park store & cafe
City Lights Bookstore

Tartine [banana chocolate cream pie, followed by the BEST sandwich i've ever tasted - pecorino, olive oil, sage, lemon & toasted walnuts] ... 

& the Golden Gate Bridge.

Runners, singing hippies, sunshine, beat generation, arts, pacific heights & the marina..

i totally left my heart in San Francisco..

[i look forward to catching up on all your blogs, but first -  Las Vegas, here i come!!]

Happy Easter Guys!

{all photos by me}


Carolina Spinola said...

As imagens são lindas :)

Ja sigo o teu blog no google friend connect e no bloglovin , se quiseres seguir me gostava muito :)


Beijinhoss Feliz Domingo De Páscoa

Phuong said...

love these pictures!

Travel in Style

Danny said...

nhum, now i'm hungry

Carolyn said...

ahhh this makes me miss SF. love that city!

Andrea Dickherber said...

Beautiful, beautiful photos! And that food looks delicious! :)

Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

Cilla B said...

Cute shots Dear looks like alot of fun

Kim-an said...

Amazing pictures!


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