so what do you guys think of the new Instagram, version three point oh?? it's prettier, but i was hoping for a new filter! also, can you geotag photos from your archives??

1. wallpaper mag & lemon choc tart / 2. cheesecake filled strawberries, topped w crumbled oreos
3. squid & seafood platter / 4. burrata (my new favourite thing!)
5. dali-esque PJs / 6. new iphone case J for Jet (the k was for knitting..)
7. sparkles from forever21 / 8. spicy chicken
9. 5 hours sleep, sunglasses on, up early for...10. watching the last day of the Olympics2012 - mens marathon
11. sitting under a tree / wine, book, sunshine, summertime

{ all photos by me}


LeeLee said...

I like the new instagram. I'm not sure if you can geotag from archives. Cute pictures, especially, the last two.

Anonymous said...

Love your pictures. The strawberries look absolutely yummy!!! Nice blog :)
Andrea in Fashion

Anonymous said...

i was looking an the fourth snapshot trying to figure out what it is. it looks delicious. now, i have to look up what a buratta is.


neenaarr said...

I LOVE big fat Insta-photos - beaut x

alongobucco said...

Love your picture--specifically that last one of the tree. Wine, a book and sunshine sound just about perfect to me! Thanks for stopping by my blog! xo

The Glossy Life

Nuha said...

i now want a new necklace and some spicy chicken..thank you hah!

Camila Faria said...

Great magazines, yummy food and fabulous fashion! I love it!

.sabo skirt. said...

These are cute photos! The food looks delicious.

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Marcela Jezkova said...

very nice pics!!..really...M*


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