[ART FRIEZE 2012] Pictures of People Looking at Pictures

Art Frieze 2012 took place in London over the weekend. A corner of Regents Park (actually 2, one for the main hall, and one for the Masters) was taken over by 2 temporary marquees: a weekend space for buyers, sellers, & the lay public with a general interest in art and culture (I fit into the latter category of course ;) The visiting public consisted of a lot of beautifully stylish people, & I loved almost taking pictures of people looking at pictures, more than looking at the pictures themselves!

I'm afraid I'm a bit rubbish at noting down all the artists, but here's a few things I can remember:

[pic 1] the composition may be out, but 3 people looking at one piece of art instantly reminded me of Ferris Bueller, this scene!
[3] looked like an Orla Kiely print (but wasn't)
[7,8] Damien Hirst
[17] Jonny Depp & Kate Moss by Annie Leibowitz
[19] Damien Hirst
[20] Picasso
[21] William Eggleston (one of my first blog posts featured his photos from Los Alamos)

{all photos & edits by me}

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EMA said...

Very cool! I love the photo of splattered, colorful water, with a drop that reflects a girl's face. I actually just learned how to do something like that in my photography class!


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