Photo Editing - Tips

Whilst I adore my Canon, & have a whole lot of tricks & technicalities yet to learn before I really master this camera, I think post-production editing can be really undervalued. What seemed like an OK picture can be turned into a lovely one! I use lunapic, a free online site, & mainly play with the RGB colours (I add blues & reds & remove greens & yellows), increase colour saturation, adjust contrast, & tweak exposure. Here are a couple before/after shots, taken at an event hosted by Anthropologie.. more of which soon..!

(I'd love to see some of your before & afters too!)
happy snapping!

{all pics by me}


L.T. said...

Very nice photos! I haven't gotten a chance to look at your blog in awhile.

The trees in a jars is a good idea for Christmas decorations.


neenaarr said...

My Sunday will mainly consist of adding red and blues - amazing tip! Thanks Katie x

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