I attended the Reiss press day earlier: what a beautiful collection, as always! In line with the catwalk, there was a lot of monochrome (which I LOVE - so easy to wear!), textures (furs, leather, suede) & sleek silhouettes. 

laser-cut detail on dresses:

& box bags, very 1950s. The one below was see-through for the summer, & has been reworked for Autumn/Winter into a sleeker, bolder finish:

Following on from the 1950s theme, one inspiration this season was the Hitchcock Heroine; I can really see Tippi Hedren rocking these neckline in pinks or tans:

below: a rack of menswear jackets: 

All-in-one jumpsuit, worn with faux fur trim jacket:

padded tees, & his/hers scents:

Reiss love to get feedback for pieces still work in progress: they're considering closing the peep-toe of the fur camel wedge, what do you think? I love the style as it is! <3

{all photos and edits by me}


Lafashionfolie said...

Love love love!

Really getting the Hitchcock vibe with all the shearling & furs.

I like the shoe open toe too- highly impractical for winter but impracticality is chic ;)

Sophie x


Sagebrush Gazette said...

LOVE love love the laser-cut detailing. I am obsessed with Reiss dresses - so elegant and fun! Thanks for sharing.


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