So, part 2 (of 3!), Venice holiday snaps! (part 1 is here)
Below, you'll find pictures of sugary doughnuts, shellfish lunches in the sun, ivy covered walls, cool churches, cream filled cannoli decorated with jellied candies, pretty pink lace lingerie displays, & me in a bar, in sunglasses, at 11am. Hey, it was Harry's Bar, how could we not follow in the footsteps of Hemmingway?!

{all photos and edits by me}


Sagebrush Gazette said...

Oh I how long for Venice. Take me back! I remember getting lost among the canals and alley-ways on purpose, just to get a more realistic feel for the city. One of the best decisions I've ever made, and something I still remind myself to do whenever I visit a new city.

Thanks for sharing! xo


Charmaine Sylvia said...

Wow these images are so refreshing! Love your blog let me know if you ant to follow each other and on bloglovin!


Sherry D. McDaniel said...

Lovely pictures!

Lafashionfolie said...

Happy memories :) Very lovely post Katie.

Sophie x

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