Glass of Fashion

Glittery red heart-shaped lollies, salt & pepper shakers in the shape of sea shells, pink & yellow roses, & lemon gingham tablecloths: afternoon tea at Drink Shop & Do is as magical & kitsch as it sounds!

Ceri & I started off with a seasonal bellini, a late summer mix of prosecco & peach, a strawberry floating amidst the miniature bubbles (tea would come later!) First layer, the sandwiches: salsa verde & tomato on white bread, egg mayo on wholemeal, cucumber & cream cheese on sundried , crab with salad, & then ham with English mustard, all the crusts cut off & in the shape of soldiers, naturally. Second course came by way of 2 rounds of scones: original served with a herb & olive butter, & then the classic currant scone with strawberry jam & lashings of cream! Somewhere around this point, we chose our teas: I went for a cherry & rose blossom which had a lovely mild floral taste to it, beautifully scented. Ceri's rose, mallow & almond tea however tasted divine, like bakewell tart captured within a cup! The little plate right at the top of the tower held 4 miniature cakes: a salted caramel chocolate heart (very chocolatey, dusted with cocoa), a bakewell tart (moist & delicious, topped with toasted flaked almonds), a lemon & earl grey victoria sponge (light & fluffy), & our favourite, the rose & pistachio, whose icing was simply heavenly, like a mousse & a butter whipped into an incredibly light smooth swirl.

Drink Shop & Do don't just offer the one afternoon tea, they do a Man's tea (which includes a pint of Freedom lager, pork scratchings & a Yorkie bar), a Night Flight (sparkling wines, potted fish, Grand Marnier cream on scones), & a Mrs Sparkles (unlimited Canal Grando Rose Prosecco!)

Glass of Fashion

Huge thanks to Drink Shop & Do for hosting us!

{all photos & edits by me}

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