London Fashion Week

Ok, so I suffered last saturday from the horrid cliche of #bloggerproblems, in which I found myself with an awesome view of the catwalk, but paired with a shutter setting on a DSLR I couldn't change! SO when in doubt, use the trusty iPhone! Pictures are a bit blurry, but i'm sure you get the idea!

The collection ('Times New Roman') began with lots of black & white, monochromatic feathers sewn into skirts & vests, worn with fitted dresses & sweeping jackets. Renditions of Ancient Greek and Roman statues & relics were printed onto blouses, together with fitted daffodil yellow skirts. More vibrant primary colours swept into the show next, with a sporty feel being embodied into a quilted jacket, an "A" fronting a sweater in an American sportswear kind of way. One of my favourite looks was the metallic gold skirt paired with an unashamedly pink sweater, but it was the heels that got it for me: grown-up arched stilettos, with white feathers falling completely over the toes, probably not the perfect companion for a rainy London cobbled street, but with a shoe like this, practicality doesn't even enter into the equation!

London Fashion Week


{all photos & edits by me}

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