Earlier this week I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to get my hair cut & styled at Headmasters Soho by one of the Artistic Team Directors. Claire looked after me, explaining every stage & treatment, & making sure I was comfortable with every bit of hair that was snipped off!

The Cut

Having not had a cut for a good few months, I decided to go for a decent chop, a good 4-5 inches. Claire was great at figuring out what sort of look we wanted to go for, & as soon as she referenced Alexa Chung, I knew I was sold! After opting for the "midi" length, I then decided to get some Chung-esque light layers feathered in at an angle. These were so subtle, but added just the right amount of bounce and movement. As for the fringe, this was also slightly layered, as Claire separated the top layers & then feathered into those below, delicately angling at the sides & leaving a fringe which isn't too top-heavy at the sides, and balances out at the centre. Awesome!

The Treatment

Since being a redhead several years ago (remember this?), my hair hasn't been in the greatest condition, & most recently become prone to knots and tangles. Claire suggested that instead of washing my hair twice a week, I add in another wash, but with a milder shampoo. We used a Kerastase exfoliating shampoo which was great at invigorating my dry scalp. Another tip was to shampoo twice, once to rid the hair of the dust & pollution of London life, & then another to really cleanse the hair & wash it clean. To finish, we used a leave-in conditioning treatment to really soften & nourish the hair & bring it back to life after several years of colour treatments.

The Blowdry

I'm not really one for intricate blowdries myself, so at first was unsure of whether to stick to the Alexa plan, or go for something a bit more classic! I opted for some volume & movement, not too funky, & fairly maintainable. After a light application of mousse which would encourage the hair to plump up, we began blowdrying my hair with a large curling brush, twisting & pinning sections as we went - Claire explained that after being heated, the time in which the hair begins to cool down again is when it's most vulnerable to styling. Pinning my hair in loose knots meant that at the end of the process, I would leave with natural, bouncy waves. (Another way to aid this is with the use of velcro rollers, which she also recommended). Once the hair was dry, we unpinned each section & then loosely shook out the curls, & ended with a quick spritz of Headrush by Tigi.

I can't thank Claire & the team at Headmasters enough, I'm so happy with the results!

Find out more about Headmasters here.


{all photos & edits by me}

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