Stepping into Edeline Lee's world for SS15 was like stepping into a paintbox, albeit a very grown-up one, with a delicately pretty concoction of colours. Every season, Edeline comes up with something completely different & refreshingly original, & this season was no disappointment. Inspired by the process of restoring her own Victorian house in East London, the designer brought together the 3-pronged relationship between art, interiors & fashion, & assimilated her colour palette, architectural structure, & the cut of the dress into a collection of very feminine, empowering pieces. Each look worked around a basic tone, adding a triangle of white here, a stripe there. The set was beautiful, with models captured in their own boxes, their own worlds, the viewer voyeuristically peering into a living room, or a kitchen. Within each room played a digital loop of the collection's video campaign on a small television set, essentially a replica of the presentation itself, as models smaller & smaller explored sets teenier and tinier. The touches of magical realism extended to a ceiling suffocating with pink roses, a prettiness bursting to escape. The colourful intensity & childlike containment reminded me of Alice having fallen down the rabbit hole, a world within a world within a world, enticing, bewitching & naively intoxicating.

IMG_3304 IMG_3297 IMG_3293 IMG_3286 IMG_3281 x

{all photos & edits by me}
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