Three months since my last post? Whoops! Lots has been going on, an imminent (fingers crossed!) house move (can't wait to redecorate & get my all own furniture!), a trip to New York City, & just a general appreciation of this year's Summer. So far, the weather has (almost) held it's own pretty awesomely. Luckily, the sun shined for Lambeth Country Fair last week, where I saw a few goats (above), a couple of meerkats, oh & of course the odd alpaca. Yesterday was another fair, this time in Clapham & strictly for foodies only. Oysters were shucked, prosecco poured, herb gardens visited, & I ended up seriously impressed (unexpectedly) with what the Co-op is currently offering. At their stall they were offering slices of pizza with prosecco for just £4, & I feel the days of a dreary Co-op in comparison to more mighty giants like Waitrose are on their way out: a big marketing push, & a cute alternative for weekly foodshops - heck, they're the main store on Lordship Lane!

I'll be blogging more consistently with fashion week practically around the corner, but you can keep up with me on instagram for daily doses of kitten cuteness, or pinterest, where I'm developing a Scandi-Brooklyn-Bloomsbury interior style...

UntitledwIMG_4920 IMG_4919 IMG_4913 IMG_4912 IMG_4909 IMG_4907IMG_4902 IMG_4901 IMG_4900 IMG_4894 IMG_4892 IMG_4889 IMG_4888IMG_4870

{all photos & edits by me}

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