Somewhere: Sofia Coppola

The trailer for Sofia Coppola's new film, Somewhere.

There are obvious parallels with Lost in Translation, a focus on relationships that aren't usually central to film, & a tenderness in capturing a young girl on the brink of adulthood. Sofia has a fantastic ability to use music & visuals in a sweet & almost nostalgic compliment to human relationships. For me, her Marie Antoinette lost itself in terms of narrative structure & focus, but the stunning fashions, compositions & details (the macaroons! the shoes!) more than compensated. Somewhere harks back to the blink-&-you-miss-them moments of a young actress on the brink of stardom before being thrown into the lion's den of LA-LA Land. (Sofia captured this not only with Lost in Translation, but also Kirsten Dunst in The Virgin Suicides).

Somewhere opens 10 December in the UK, 22 December in the US.

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