& All That Glitters

dress by h&m, blazer by Zara.
shoes by Reiss, necklace by Accessorize, clear glasses by Topshop.
nail polish Bleu Mysterieux by Bourjois.


vivthediv said...

why does it say I'm the only follower?!

Gudrun and Iris said...

very nice! love anything sequin aruond this time of the year, nice to see you combined the sparkly dress with a structured blazer - very cute!


Katie said...

viv - you're my first, this blog is a mere few weeks old, so i'm still building it up! thanks for the recognition!

gudrun & iris - thanks for the comments. i know a lot of bloggers bought that blazer from zara but i kept seeing it with leather-look leggings (which is still a great look that i will also wear!) but i thought a dress would prettify it!
just checked out your blog, those tiffany ads are stunning!


vivthediv said...

Haha sorry I'm a bit dim, your blog already seems so well established. Privileged to be first follower!

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