Chicken one day, Feathers the next.

Anyone who knows me, know that I cannot resist a new cookbook to my collection. This Christmas I got the almighty Good Housekeeping Cookbook, & tonight I tested the Southern Fried Chicken ^^see above!
{the recipe can also be found online, see here}

Cooked with the assistance of my Le Creuset grillpan, also a Christmas 2010 benefit!

I finished the cooking of the chicken by placing the grill pan in the oven to ensure it didn't burn too much.

Served with tomatoes on the vine (shower liberally with brown sugar & balsamic vinegar, roast for 20 mins), & a mash potato with rosemary & Dijon mustard (save a spoonful or 2 of the cooking water the potatoes boil in, & together with the fluidity of the mustard, you won't need to add any fat in order to bind the mash, so it's a pretty healthy alternative!)

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