I Gotta Feng Shui the Hell out of my Dresser

1. Matching jewellery boxes look cute. These were from Monsoon/Accessorize, half-price at only 11GBP each!

2. Keep the little pouches that your nice jewellery comes in, it saves them getting all tangled, & lends them a sort of old-fashioned charm..

3. Choose sunglasses that suit you, regardless of the brand. Current favourites are Ray-Ban Wayfarers in tan/brown. Still keep meaning to Ebay these Chanel shades, the first designer ones I ever bought - my 16-year-old self failed to look past the brand & realise that they didn''t suit my frame! The ones without the case are great for that MK Olsen/Nicole Richie bug-eyed thing, only 8 dollars from a store in Baltimore.

4. Yes, I cut my own fringe (bangs). It could be argued that i'm slightly over-protective, given that every time I go to the hairdressers, my stylist always has to ask if she's allowed to go near them..

5. Keep the mini samples from hotels/flights, they're great to go travelling with. If you've used them, throw them out after 12 months, they're not worth it - shelf-life or clutter-wise.

6. In this Age of Austerity, I confidently became a 2-perfume-owning kind of gal, rather than having 5 or 6 on my dresser. Currently wearing Chance by Chanel or Nina Ricci L'Air du Temps. Always on the lookout for the discontinued Narcissus by Chloe

<--message me if you come across it...

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