Armed & Dangerous

bracelets, blouse & belt from h&m, rings & shorts from Topshop, necklace from Accesorize, earrings by Banana Republic
As per the Glitter Girls' guide to arm candy, a watch from Michael Kors would complete this look.. I choose ~ figuratively of course ~the rose-gold edition, so perfect..

..something to save my pennies for, a timepiece is an investment, after all..

I'm currently very much into buying belts 2 sizes too large so that they have plenty of length to loop over..

{all photos by me}


Castle Fashion said...

That's clever. The belt thing. It's hard buying belts for the waist and different belts for the hips and then trying to do the twisty thing with the wrong belt :P I haven't done belts for a while (well, until now. My last outfit has a belt!)

Castle Fashion

B.Inspired said...

Love those bracelets! You are right...a watch is an investment piece worth every penny!

Katie said...

thanks! Re the belt thing - i just sort of yank it into place, & then looping it over twice usually keeps it together..

totally considering buying the watch next time i am in america - i looked at a link on glitter guide, & it's currently around 60 GBP cheaper if i buy in dollars :)


Anna said...

I really like how you layered your bracelets and that belt adds a great pop of color.

Anonymous said...

What a great style! Love it and I like your blog! Now I'm your new followers;) If you are curious, jump on mine: http://izpartitaim.blogspot.com/

Hugs, Marianna

Katie said...

thank you!

Katie x

The Pink Monocle said...

Don't get the the Michael Kors watch!!! Everyone has it (as I found out over the past year after having purchased it) to the point where it gets ridiculous. I loooove the arm candy though!

The Pink Monocle

Katie said...

interesting! thanks for the tip!!

Katie x

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