Eat, Repeat

Lemon posset with passionfruit & homemade shortbread
Living could be so banal, were it not for the simple pleasures, repetitive as they are, that swim within the interludes.
Another weekend, another brunch: The Bolingbroke, on the Northcote Road (South London). Arrived too late for brunch, settling on a starter, some accompaniments, & a dessert. Excellent food, possibly an entry into one of the top 5 desserts I've ever tasted (don't ask me to name the rest, or in any order, that would be too much responsibility for me to foster on a Sunday morning!) The passionfruit was tart & tangy but still sweet, the posset incredibly creamy, & the shortbread biscuits defiantly light to the touch, buttery & crumbly.

In light of the erratic weather (mainly rain), I wore my new tres skinny coupe dark-wash blue jeans & grey Topshop sweater, brightened things up with a red lipstick by Revlon & red hair-tie, & added a cream & grey tartan wrap from Zara, plus Hunters.

freshly baked bread
A good strong olive oil with balsamic
selection of olives & pickled peppers
Norfolk asparagus with confit egg yolk & shaved parmesan
seared scallops with spiced lentils & parma ham
grey sweater on a rainy day

{all photos by me}


Nini said...

Mhhhmmm, looks very yummy!! I followed you now too ! xx Nini

m i s s . t e a said...

OOOH yummm these looks sooooo yum and colourful!

B.Inspired said...

This looks really delicious! I need to start finding new brunch places in Chicago!

Anna said...

Yes, life can be banal sometimes but more often than not the simple pleasures in life (i.e brunch) are just what the doctor ordered. Everything looks really yummy.. makes me want to make some French toast.

The Style Realist said...

All looks delicious! Especially the cappuccino...


The Cat Hag said...

Your photos are awesome, and the food looks super delish! :)

The Cat Hag

Carlinn said...

Hmmmmm it looks so good!

TheMadTwins said...

mmm... looks so delicious. We are going to eat in a minute, so I hope the food will be good XD because this look way to delicious

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A Lost Feather said...

lovely photos.. especially love the grey sweater one :) so pretty. the thought of breakfast deeefinitely gets me out of bed. coffee and breakfast. could be my favorite part of the day :)

Katie said...

thanks everyone! mm yeah i had 2 of those cappuccinos, coffee is a "vice" of sorts that I never want to give up, I love the scent, the ritual, & the caffeine rush :)

the grey sweater was a recent rediscovery from mny wardrobe - from Topshop last year, it's such a simple but flattering cut, perfect for uninspiring days..

Katie x

nm said...

looks amazing

erica marie said...

Yum that food looks so good...love the mix of fashion and food on your blog definitely following, would love if you could stop by my blog and follow back if you like :)


Anonymous said...

All that food looks so delicious! :D


Suz said...

Yummy!!!! <3

Katie said...

Yup, it was SO good!

Katie x

Anonymous said...

aahhh foodporn love it!

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