Summer Supper: Corn & Burgers

Burgers make up one of my super-easy, super-yummy suppers. I season some minced beef with sea salt & crushed black pepper, add a generous helping of crushed garlic, a herb (usually rosemary), a spoonful of Dijon mustard, & an egg white. Once shaped into patties, I lightly fry them, turning sides halfway through. (I used to grill them with the Lean Mean Grilling Machine, but I realised that, given I buy 5% lean beef, it's good to keep some of that fat sealed in the burger! Using olive oil & a good pan will give a great taste).

2 small burgers, one toasted roll, & some corn salad on the side - salad inspiration from Heidi of 101cookbooks.

Couldn't resist snapping a few shots of my kitchen contents, having sorted through various tins, jars & foodstuffs today that were crying out to be organised! Look how neat my spice jars look! My fridge looks pityingly empty as I am heading off to Berlin this week, but there are a few staples that survived: Dijon mustard, extra low-fat mayo (seriously, this is genious, 14 cals per tablespoon, & less gloopier than the full-fat stuff), Spanish olives & some Tilapia fish to cook the evening before travelling. 

Oh, & I couldn't throw out the chick, a remnant from Easter decorations. She seemed pretty content to hang out with the herbs & spices ;)

{all photos by me}


Isabella | THE PILE OF STYLE said...

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Katie said...

thank you, that's so sweet!

was surprised to follow the link through to your blog - i first came across it as recommended on fashionsalade recently! awesome style!

Katie x

Fashion Translated said...


Cute blog!! :)

Fashion Translated

audrey said...

going to california this weekend and SO excited to have grill access, because this post has made me crave burgers and corn like you wouldn't believe! looks sooooo good.

Katie said...

oo california, i'm so jealous! hope you had a great time! x

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