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I can't wait to read this issue of Oh Comely. Spotted it in the newsagents & was fascinated upon first glance.

It was a great start to my friday morning when reading through my emails, I learnt that Nessie, of baking = love, had awarded me with a Best Blog Award! Thanks Nessie!

So.. I decided to bend the rules a little (what are rules for, if not meant to be broken? ;)), & instead of answering the Proustian questionnaire, opted to post a few photos of some current inspirations. Of course, a major part of blogging for most of us is reading other people's blogs; I get a huge amount of artistic, creative inspiration from a variety of blogs, whether it's living vicariously through other people's travels, trying (& tasting!) new recipes I would never have challenged myself to without encouragement, or just a general aesthetic appreciation of the everyday things we come across in life. It's funny, too, how blogging has become a more respectable form of self-publishing. Newspaper columns mention their blogs - The Economist lists writers' blogs where they used to call them shared online articles. The democratization of fashion criticism & the print-published books that followed has been fascinating to watch. 

Ergo, some current inspirations:

Homerun Ballerina. Audrey blogs about food, fashion & lifestyle. With laid-back wit, she epitomizes a modest, sweet sense of New York cool, dressed in retro. Her experimental cooking is always fun to read about!

A Longenecker Story Short. I'm a new reader of this cute blog, another foodie/fashion one (spot a pattern here? ;)) Kristin puts together the most adorable outfits & loves dessert. What's not to like?

The Blonde Salad. Breaking with tradition here, & recommending a hugely successful blog. But this is Chiara, & you can't take just one look at this site. Her clothes are to die for, she styles the most fantastic piece from Hermes to Chanel, & the photography is simply stunning. Oh yeah, & she also designs shoes. Pretty fabulous.

A Lost Feather. Sarah creates, designs & inspires, with lots of projects always on the go. Her photography pervades a sense of natural calm & a healthy enjoyment of life, whether it's through banana, nutella & peanut-butter on toast, or pictures of her adorable dog Boo.

The Cat Hag. Addie is cool, end of. She wears Alexander Wang eyewear, cute animal motifs, & Marc Jacobs pumps. & she photographs her food. Respect.

Happy reading!

Inside Oh Comely.
my new owl necklace. totally reminds me of Iris Apfel - both literally & figuratively!

{all photos by me}


Gabrielle - I LIKE IT FAST said...

Love your photos and blog! Great style

Sheer Girl said...

great necklace!!

DesFruitsRouges said...

Love this post! I'm always on the lookout for cool new blogs. And the owl necklace is SO cute!

The Cat Hag said...

Hey Babe,

Congrats on the blog award, I enjoyed reading your thoughts on blogging, especially since all my friends have been telling me I am so old school for starting a blog haha. :)

It's so uber sweet of you to mention me, thankew for making my day. ♥

I love your Owl Necklace, his feather body is the cutest!! Where did you get him?

Hope you are having a good weekend.

The Cat Hag
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Theonlyfashionprincess said...

great idea to feature the blogs! :) x

Katie said...

thanks! oo the necklace was from Accessorize (i got the earrings too, but thought it was a little much to wear them all at the same time ;)

Thanks for visiting folks!

Katie x

Amy said...

That necklace is amazing...owls AND feathers? I used to work for Accessorize head office so it doesn't surprise me, their stuff is gorgeous. Loving your blog links, I'm always on the lookout for new reads :D

Renee B. said...

Fabulous links!! I love A Lost Feather toooooooo! And your owl necklace is super cute. I need to find one like that. I'd probably wear it everyday!

audrey said...

thank you so much!! this totally made my day, i'm so sorry i didn't see this over the weekend! what an incredibly sweet and flattering description, i wish i could have it printed up on nametags, haha! have an awesome week dear!

Katie said...

thanks audrey! you're the sweetest inspiration!

Katie x

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