Tea & Chat & The First Blackberries Of Autumn

Sunday afternoon was tea & cakes & chat at our little flat. Hannah made some fab scones, bringing strawberries, jam, & limoncello laced thick cream. happy stomaches, happy times :)
I made some cupcakes using a basic recipe for vanilla cupcakes by The Hummingbird Bakery - replacing vanilla essence with mint, adding some chocolate chips, some mint cream butter-icing, & topping with a chunk of Green & Black's chocolate..
these were sour cream & apricot, baked from Ming Makes Cupcakes (link below).
i picked some olive focaccia to make basil, tomato & mozarella sandwiches.

walnut bread seemed a good one to go for with the avocado, mango, rocket & lime sandwiches.
a little sugar pot, using a tea-light candle holder, plus a tiny espresso spoon for serving. glittery stars also decorated the table.

walking in the late afternoon sunshine to burn off that excess sugar. the blackberries are starting to ripen!
dad has a thing (like most men?!), where he doesn't smile into the camera, he grimaces into the sun instead. mum looks lovely in her ray-bans & whites. I'm wearing ray-bans too, plus a skirt from Zara & a T by Topshop.

ming makes cupcakes.

{all photos by me}


Laura Nelson said...

those blackberry tartlet things look so delicious! We just picked our first blackberries of the year too :)

I love those last photos of you and your parents!

Everyone loves fashion said...

yuuuummmmmy, i want the mint ones sooo badly! thanks for sharing it with us :) btw, your blog is cute! keep going!

Katie said...

thanks girls!!

Katie x

A Lost Feather said...

oh my gosh i love these photos! so dreamy.. and everything looks delicious. the little stars on the table are the cutest.

you and your parents look really adorable too :)

Katie said...

thanks sarah :)

Katie x

kt_gray_3 said...

This looks like the ULTIMATE tea party. And those cupcakes are TO.DIE.FOR - what a wonderful wonderful idea!

Foccacia bread is my favourite so those sandwiches look particularly scrummy!

I'll be arranging one of these. What fun!

Katie x


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