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Banana loaf is pretty much an all-rounder really.. 

I used this recipe, with the addition of a teaspoon mixed spice. Fresh from the oven, I pricked the top with a cocktail stick & then drizzled over a mixture of honey & brown sugar.

Served with some fresh pomegranate, fruit tea, & the morning's papers. A great start to any day!


{all photos by me}


Sarah said...

The banana loaf looks delicious, I must try to make some sometime!



Lafashionfolie said...

I'd never thought of eating banana loaf with pomegranate- but it sounds simply delicious.

Sophie x


Maria @ Orchard Bloom said...

hmm looks delicious!

Ellinor Forje said...

It looks yumy. Perfect treat for winter day. Thanks for sharing the recipe and feel free to drop by me too anytime.

Katie said...

thanks girls! it was actually the first time i'd bought a pomegranate - MAN, it's difficult to get those seeds out!!

Katie x

Nicole said...

Looks divine! I must make this.

Lafashionfolie said...

just added you to my blogroll Katie because I realised your blog is one of the 5 or so I check out on a regular basis X

Tiffany said...

great blog!! all the pictures you post are so beautiful. & these look delicious :D

Kristen said...

Um....YUM! love your blog! precious.
xx k

mikie and kristen

Crystalin said...

yummmm! Nothing beats homemade bread :)

Katie said...

thanks all! yep, homemade bread is the best!

Katie x

grace h said...

ooh! looks delicious~


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