Taste of Christmas

 flavoured balsamic vinegars 
Saturday was a day of feasting & drinking: Taste of Christmas, seasonal food fair, was a fantastic way to sample delicious treats, drink mulled wine (& chocolate wine & marmalade vodka), cheeses & ports, & taste what some of the best restaurants in London have to offer... 
grilled cheese & roasted veg with soda bread (Jamie Oliver)
Heston x Waitrose curry-spiced popcorn, wines, & sweet shop
 Tunapica - tuna tartare picadillo style (Asia de Cuba)
Coconut & tamarind beef laksa with sweet potato mash (The Modern Pantry)
  Wines (Chat-en-Oeuf)
Jamie Oliver pop-up restaurant
Gary Rhodes demo / Jamie Oliver restaurant
Mexican doughnuts rolled in cinnamon sugar, filled with butterscotch sauce and spiced rum sorbet (Asia de Cuba)


{all photos by me}


Cylia said...

yea you're right.. it doesn't affect people on blogspot.. though it still gives a werid vibe:P

Sarah Stright said...

Ok, now I'm starving... But I'm also loving your blog. I'm a new follower :) Stop by my blog some time and say hi, and follow back if you're interested.

Alison said...

Back home we have the taste of chicago, but a taste of Christmas sounds really fun. Beautiful images by the way.

Lafashionfolie said...

YUM- this post is delicious! the tuna tartare looks so good.

Sophie x


Annie said...

My stomach started growling after reading this post and it's not even 8am. Love it!

The Other Side of Gray

Katie said...

@Alison - normally it's called Taste of London, so perhaps it's similar to the Chicago one? this was the first christmas fair they held..

@Annie - i love reading food posts first thing in the morning, makes me want to get up & go on the hunt for good foodie treats during the day!

Katie x

Arden said...

This looks delicious... xx

Katia said...

Lovely photos :) cute blog!

SAM said...

That grilled cheese is making my mouth water!

Katie said...

thanks! ohh the grilled cheese was SO good!

Katie x

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