January Jump-Start: Eat Healthy.. & Enjoy It!

January can seem a bit depressing with her early sunsets, cold winds, and shortage of financial funds, so it helps to have some good recipes on hand for quick & easy suppers, especially when they fit in with the whole New Year : New healthy eating resolutions!

1. salad with toasted walnuts (first time for me, but it's so worth it, gives the salad the most delicious flavour!), quinoa cooked in chicken broth/stock, then stirred in some fresh basil & spring onions, served with mussels in a white wine sauce (cheat: the sauce came with the mussels, from Waitrose, only 4g fat per portion).

2. chicken enchiladas. lightly fry chicken breast (slice off & bin any unwanted fat) & chopped pepper. in a separate pan, make a tomato sauce (tinned tomatoes, tbsp brown sugar, tbsp balsamic vinegar, seasoning, hot sauce to taste, tbsp cumin, tspn coriander, crushed garlic, glug of wine), heat through to reduce slightly. Add some of the tomato sauce to chicken/peppers, spoon into a wholemeal wrap, roll up, top with remainder of sauce. Add chopped jalapenos & small amount of mature cheddar. Bake for 20 mins.

3. potato wedges. cut potato into wedge shapes (keep skin on for extra flavour & goodness), parboil for 2 mins. toss in olive oil, sea salt, cayenne, paprika, cumin to taste. Roast for 20-25 mins.

4. ben & jerry's frozen yoghurt. approx 2g fat per portion. genius.

{all photos by me}


Nicole said...

haha! love that ben and jerry's is on this list.

amen and amen


Eva Ana Kazić said...

:O Hungry. Now I'm having lunch at 11am.


Wedekind said...

I’m totally with you! Also try to drink a looooot water and eat fresh cooked food (mostly selfmade).
your pics are yummy!

Love,Vienna Wedekind

madeleine said...

wow, those look really delicious! //dariadaria

Coco said...

Gorgeous photos!xx

Anna said...

It looks delicious! Makes me really hungry, haha


Rose said...

Mmmm this all looks delicious! xx

The Londoner

Anonymous said...


Katie said...


@nicole their frozen yoghurt is the best i've tried, it tastes just like ice-cream!

@wedekend i'm a big advocate of drinking lots of water too :)

Katie x

il était une fois... said...

yumm i want it all ;) X

Lafashionfolie said...

yum! Definitely going to try your burritoes, the homemade tomato sauce sounds very tasty. And I would never have considered eating mussells with Quinoa before, great idea.

Sophie x


Cilla B said...

the food looks delish

Rose said...

Yummmy! xx

The Londoner

Stephanie Hoang said...

thank you for your comment! i looked at your entry at work and now i am getting hungry lol!

bisous :)

Carolyn said...

mmm love quinoa, will have to try out that salad!

LINDA said...

WOW Yummy!♥

Linda from www.moonon.com

Jennifer said...

Why did I not know that Ben and Jerry's had frozen yogurt? Awesome!

xo Jennifer


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