Tilapia en Croute

 #iseefaces (*ahem*)
 bit rustic looking! next time, i'll cut the pastry a little neater..

I popped over to Audrey's blog a few days ago & loved the idea of this recipe! I substituted thin yoghurt instead of cream, & added some red chilli to the sauce as well. I also decided, being fussy, to remove the skin of the fish fillets (I chose tilapia as there was no bass easily available, but it worked well) - by hand! This isn't necessary of course, but it makes for easier eating, ha!

{all photos by me}


Anna said...

It looks delicious! Makes me hungry, haha!


Nicole said...

yumyumyum!!! this reminds me i should get up and start some dinner for hubs. :)


Lafashionfolie said...

Yummy, this looks so healthy and nourishing! I love tilapia, it's quite an under rated fish. I made tilapia fish tacos a while ago inspired by a recipe I'd seen on your blog.


madeleine said...

i am drooling.. all over my keyboard! //dariadaria

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Rose said...

Sounds delicious! xx

The Londoner

just tututiny said...

Oh man that looks delicious, and healthy too! thanks for sharing.

Hope you had a great New Year!

Katie said...

thanks girls! aw, glad the fish tacos inspired you too soph!

Katie x

Jenny Ong said...

Looks absolutely delicious!

Katie said...

thanks Jenny! big fan of your blog!

Katie x

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